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Interreg EU Alpenraum - Cradle ALP

The "Interreg Alpine Space" (Cradle-ALP) project targets the implementation of circular design within industrial processes of the chemical-, plastics- and wood industry.

Challenges: Structural change, use and replacement of natural ressources, transformation of the linear economy. 

Aims: The Alpine region is rich in natural resources and also possesses the necessary technologies to replace fossil raw materials and toxic substances from production with recyclable and environmentally friendly alternatives. The project focuses on the substitution of chemical and fossil-based materials with more recyclable, sustainable and biodegradable materials.

Key objectives: C2C approaches and mechanisms for the transformation of industrial products and processes. Practical implementation and financing.

Main outputs: 

  • Generating awareness.

  • Understanding and identifying opportunities as well as obstacles among the public, focus industries, interest groups, politics and innovation intermediaries. 

  • Training of business support providers to accompany the companies. 

  • Creating options to implement C2C approaches along specific value chains via multidimensional roadmapping (technology, politics, business, ...).

  • Transfer to industrial practice.

  • Joint, cross-border financing instruments.

Project Partner:

  • Padova Chamber of Commerce Industry Crafts and Agriculture (Lead partner), Italien

  • Technologiezentrum Horb GmbH & Co. KG, Deutschland

  • Chemie-Cluster Bayern, Deutschland

  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Wien, Österreich

  • Business Upper Austria – Upper Austrian business agency, Österreich

  • UniSMART-Foundation of the University of Padua, Italien

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Slowenien

  • Polymeris, Frankreich

  • School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, Schweiz

Project Period: 11/2022 - 11/2025

Today one of our latest projects is starting.

1. November 2022

Today one of our latest projects is starting.

Interreg EU Alpenraum - Cradle ALP

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