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Aktuelle Projekte

Innovative | Digital | Sustainable

Interreg Danube Region - IaaS 4 DR

The "Innovation as a Service for Danube Region" (IaaS 4 DR) project targets traditional industrial regions in their process of change.

Interreg EU Alpenraum - Cradle ALP

The "Interreg Alpine Space" (Cradle-ALP) project targets the implementation of circular design within industrial processes of the chemical-, plastics- and wood industry.

Interreg Danube Region - Plan C

The Plan-C project addresses the challenges posed by the linear nature of the plastics value chain in the Danube Region and promoting the transition towards a circular economy model.

Plastics InnoCentre

Ein einzigartiger Kunststoff-Showroom in dem sowohl fossile als auch biobasierte Kunststoffe ausgestellt und erklärt werden.

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