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Digital Studies Factory

Young talents



We bring together young talents and the region's medium-sized businesses.

Sustainable educational projects are our mission.

Together for the region.

Kids with tablets


  • The XR Academy provides everything to prepare people in the region for new technologies.

  • From elementary school to working life.

  • Local (high)schools and companies collaborate with us to offer sustainable education projects.

  • We qualify our talents for medium-sized businesses in the region.

We have the talented

Mittelstand (SME)


  • The heart of German engineering beats in the Northern Black Forest region.

  • It is the center of German expertise. Machines and software produced here are cutting-edge technologies that serve the global market.

  • In the XR Academy we bring talents together with local companies.

We have the network



  • Robotics, programming, VR, 3D printing & much more.

  • Further training and a wide range of courses for everyone.

  • Equipped with technology from the region.

  • Our XR makerspace is the perfect place to directly combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

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